Basalt crushing scheme

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Basalt crushing scheme

Basalts, mainly composed of oceanic crust, are basic volcanic rocks. It is the main component of the earth's oceanic crust and the moon's sea, and also an important component of the earth's continental crust and the moon's land. In 1546, G. Agricola f...

Basic introduction

1、Introduction to materials
Basalt has the advantages of strong compression resistance, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance, and good asphalt adhesion. It is an internationally recognized material for building roads, railways, and airport runways. Not only that, basalt is also a good quality aggregate for high-rise building lightweight concrete. Due to its large porosity and rigidity, blending it into concrete can reduce the weight of the concrete, but it is also strong and soundproof. , Heat insulation and other advantages, favored by major building materials market. The demand for basalt raw materials is very strong, and the prospects for basalt investment are bright.

2、Process flow
Because basalt has a strong hardness and rich silicon content, this results in the wear of jaw plates, hammers, impact plates and other wear-resistant parts in the basalt crushing operation, which greatly improves the basalt Cost of crushing. Therefore, according to the material properties of basalt, in the design of the crushing process, the crushing equipment using the lamination principle is selected as much as possible to reduce the loss of wear-resistant parts. The basalt cone crusher is a must in the basalt crushing production line. equipment.